Modules in COMSDESK ERP for Finance / Education / Transport

Advisor / Agent Management

This module is meant for a management of advisors connected with a financial organisation as agents. The system can self-generate hierarchy for management and mapping to use with different services offered by the organisation.

Customer Relationship Management

Complete CRM system to manage client database that handles complete information of respective client along with personal and contact details etc. One can easily search desired information using various available filters for easy reporting.

Fund Deposit Management

A system prepared for a financial institution wherein one can easily configure and manage all deposit products life Fixed deposits, Recurring Deposit and Monthly Income Scheme.

Students Management

You can maintain student records as per the institution requirement. It includes personal information, address details, courses / classes for the students. Student management reduces lots of end to end overheads and provide better response and communication with management, parent, student, teacher and staff. Admissions office can easily do the registration or enrolment of candidate by filling application in multiple sections and necessary documents can be attached with the application. Student/ Parent can easily access their student portal with their unique user-name and password and stay up-to-date with the home work, timetable, and their payment and student can also communicate with their teacher and can raise the complaint.

Student Fee Management

There is a hundreds of important financial transaction from student admission to employee salary that take place in an educational institution. System can be allotted the same fee structure and you are ready to digitally maintain your new batch. It can design the fees structure and divide the students according to different quotas and arrange the fees structure accordingly. It will also generate an receipt that helps to maintain the scholarship record of the student. Admin or employees can easily generate the generic and legal report.The responsible employee for fee collection can submit the fees of student, cancel the fee receipt, confirm or cancel the cheque and much more feature for daily fund maintenance.

Student Score and Evaluation

Maintain subject of class, grades, credits, student's marks, Date-sheets, Faculty mapping, examination scheduling as per the institution requirement. You can mark student attendance as per the regulation. Manage timetable of student and teacher for various classes associated with course and student, parent and teacher can view their time table of the day or week. Exams as per term and tests can be configured by administrator or any teacher or employee. Exams and can be associated with courses and grades, CGPA and credits and schedule can be published for students, teachers and parents. They can generate the report card of their students of exams / test conducted which help teacher or parent to maintain and monitor ward’s progress report.

Human Resource Management

You can maintain employee's records as per the organization requirement. It includes Personal information, goal sheets, appraisals, etc. for the employees with a rich set of tools empower the employee. This system can be allotted the same recruitment and appraisal structure.

Vehicle Booking Management

System is developed to manage all cab hiring, useful for vehicle booking agency that are specialized in Hiring vehicle to customers. Using this system it is very easy to book a vehicle and agency can also track their booking. It is a system through which one can view available vehicle; register the vehicle in the database, view profile and book vehicle.

Lead Management

Complete solution to where you can capture details of new business lead and system will automatically generates some unique details e.g. lead no. to communicate with the system in future.You can search and update the records of leads by large number of filters and can assign for further follow up.

Hostel Management

Manage rooms and allotment for tracking the occupancy by students to manage and raise bills and marinating accounts to raise bill as per the standards.

Service and Package Management

Create services and packages for easy management and allotment for different services offered by a business and maintain usage information by the customers.

Billing and Collections

For any business made easy the bill generation and its management, receipts of collections and invoicing. Can also be used to track auto service bill generation and pendency.

Gifts and Incentive Management

Can be used to manage and track various vouchers and gift coupons having unique code for giving discounts or free services / products to customers for maintaining loyalty or promotions.

Deposits and Investments

A system prepared for a financial institution wherein one can easily configure and manage all deposit products life Fixed deposits, Recurring Deposit and Monthly Income Scheme.

Financial Products - Loans

System is capable of handling various loan products for an easy management of interest calculations and penalty payment along with principal amount payable. A system for loan application and approval is maintained for an easy access of information.

Finance and Accounting Management

Account package to manage daily accounts along with performing complex tasks like profit and loss statement managing ledger and account heads to customized for easy usage and entries.

News and Notification

This module helps to manage your notice board by publishing new, notification or event details to the entire system member just selecting the category of notification. Auto generation of notice is also supported in automated way to give them the information of various updates of users category and pass alerts of different events.

Transport Management

You can manage transportation system to ensure smoother movement in school, college or any organisation having their fleet of vehicle of any classification. Vehicle records and route plans can be configured along with transport fees recovery system.

Appointment Management

Booking of appointment, managing and maintaining records of visitors with an easy online booking by patients and customers and maintaining records of visitors.


A comprehensive reporting system for different modules to extract information as per required format and MIS coordination.

Pathology Tests Management

Helps laboratories, core facilities, and biotech’s providing services to clients or partners to keep track of samples arriving for processing, track status and generate reports.

Members Management

Using this module one can easily handle member’s information of a society or multi-level marketing system for easy access to manage system members and can also develop hierarchy as per system input of various levels.

Commissions Management

A complete module to calculate commissions for various levels in hierarchy that can be configured for automatic calculation and disbursal for ease and accurate calcutaions.

Stocks & Inventory Management

Here stock and inventory can be maintained of an organisation of internal usage or sales. Smoother system to search stocks by product and batch information. Has an ability to manage different warehouse and stores for easy management. Can be used to manage vendors and suppliers for indent and dispatches.

Clinic OPD Management

Manage diagnosis and prescription with patient history for sharing precise information for further referral and treatments.

Task Management

Comprehensive system for managing work management using task assignment system

Patient Management System

For a doctor or hospital the system manages patient details, visits, medical history.