The “COMSDESK ERP” is an internet based application that can be accessed throughout the organization or from any place just using a web browser.


COMSDESK is a web-based automation and management ERP that assure smooth administration and management of all the activities with greater flexibility and ensures better interaction between all stakeholders and with an ease to make effective managerial decisions by reducing the gap between information and the users to maintain faster communications. Designed for better interaction between stakeholders by handling information gracefully and does not required much efforts to understand usage even by a non-technical user and reducing paper work.

Hosted on Cloud Servers and can be used without dependencies on any extra hardware or technical maintenance staff. All that is required is a device -Computer / Tablet / Mobile Phone with an internet connection to access the system.

A system centralized for all users to securely get information as per the granted access. COMSDESK also satisfies modern web security standards and has a user friendly interface that helps anyone having basic knowledge of computers to start its usage within ten minutes of their first login. Has an authentication and authorization mechanisms with an edge to reduce dependency by elimination of people-dependent processes and an approach to reduce use of paper.


COMSDESK ERP Modules include system developed for Education, Finance and Transportation industry to manage day to day activities with ease of use.

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